Winter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset

The first Winter Olympic Games were hosted by Chamonix, France in 1924.  American speed skater Charles Jewtraw became the first Winter Olympics gold medalist.  Winter Olympics sports have changed over the years as athletes push the upper limits of human performance.  As a result, today’s extreme winter sports athletes on skis and snowboards thrill spectators with aerials, slopestyle, and half-pipe events.

Winter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset

Kids can make this easy magnetic movement playset and dream of the slopes!  This fun STEM activity teaches kids about magnets while improving fine motor skills.

Winter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset

This project is easy!  Recommended ages:  8+ (small magnets)

Winter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset Supplies


  • Free Printable Extreme Winter Sports Characters Here
  • 1 Mini Craft Stick
  • 2 Strong Magnets*
  • 3D Glue Dots
  • 1 Large Paperclip
  • Transparent Tape
  • Cereal Box
  • White Sparkly Craft Paint
  • Paint Stirrer

*Although this activity is not designed for small children, you should know that the CPSC mandates a warning label on magnet containing products available for purchase in the US:  Warning!  This activity contains small magnets.  Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.


  • Download and print Extreme Winter Sports Characters  Extreme Winter Sports PrintableWinter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset FREE PRINTABLE
  • Cut out characters with scissors
  • Attach large paperclip to backside of character with transparent tape;  Snowboarder:  attach paperclip horizontally on the back side of snowboard,  Skier:  attach paperclip vertically along skier body & legsWinter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset Instructions
  • Securely attach magnets to mini craft stick using 3D glue dots
  • Carefully disassemble cereal box until flatWinter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset Snowfield Instructions
  • Trim edges of cardboard to create rectangle shape
  • Paint cardboard with white sparkly paint, using broad strokes to resemble rolling snowfields;  allow to dry completely
  • Create handle by attaching paint stirrer to backside of cardboard with 3D glue dots,  leaving plenty of space above the handle for magnet movement on backside

Play Time

Now you’re ready to play!  Hold the cardboard snowfield in one hand.  With the other hand, move the extreme winter sports character along the front side of the snowfield by maneuvering the magnetic craft stick on the back side.  SLIDE . . . FLIP . . . JUMP . . . WIGGLE . . . SPIN!  So fun!

Winter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset PinterestWinter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset by Flash to the PastWinter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset by Flash to the Past

Winter Olympics Magnetic Movement Playset by Flash to the Past

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