Find Bright Star Spica in Constellation Virgo in the Spring Night Sky

Bright Star Spica in Constellation Virgo

Find bright star Spica in the constellation Virgo in the spring night sky.  Spica is one of five stars on our Spring Night Sky Scavenger Hunt, so mark it complete!  Although Spica is one of the brightest stars in the night sky, the constellation Virgo might be difficult for children to spot.   We suggest using these kid-friendly night sky objects to find it.Find Spica in Virgo Near Moon 04-28-18

Find Spica using the Big Dipper

The easily recognizable Big Dipper handle points an arc across the sky toward stars Arcturus and Spica.  Just remember “follow the arc to Arcturus, then drive a spike to Spica.”

Find Spica using the Moon this Weekend Only!

This weekend the near-full moon assists an easier Spica find.  On April 28*  both rise in the East at sunset and move together through the night sky until sunrise.

*April 28, 2018

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